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Friday, August 12, 2011

End of the week (Part 5)

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In the two weeks since finding out that he would be stuck in Candice’s body, John had searched effortless for a way back. However, earlier today he got the terrible news. His old body had died; Candice in his body was dead. If there was any hope of switching before, it was all gone now. John took the news really hard and walked around hoping to clear his mind. It didn’t do much good. He was just so consumed with guilt. He had lucked out incredibly with the swap. His body was young and attractive again; he got his entire fortune back with his own will. But Candice’s life was cut short once she was stuck in his elderly body. He wished they had never swapped to begin with; he wished they had gone to switch back just a little bit sooner.


  1. Nice continuation :) I love his boots!

  2. WOW! powerful ending to a very good all too possible story! Great use of pics!

  3. A few more thoughts. Again thanks for a great series & for finishing it = or have you?

    I notice Jphn has got used to wearing her heels! Great pair of boots! And I've foundmyself wondering if John continue on with her boyfiend? and does he faily know they'vw wswapped?