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Monday, April 6, 2015

A Phone Call Away

Timothy sighed as he looked at the salad in front of him. He so badly wanted to sink his teeth into a slice of pizza or a thick, juicy steak. However, as long as he was stuck in Carol’s body. he’d be eating lots of salads. They had both agreed to try to not let anyone know about the swap, and that meant acting like each other as much as possible, which in turn meant Timothy was stuck eating salads. Carol was on a strict diet in order to maintain her impossibly skinny figure. Timothy pushed some lettuce with a fork. That diet wouldn’t be killed by a single slice of pizza, would it? Surely, it also wouldn’t be completely out of character to cheat on the diet from time to time, right? She had to do it herself not again, didn’t she? He turned from the salad to look at the phone, knowing a pizza was just a phone call away..


  1. Can't see a lot of photos, they are just missing totally and older ones seem deleted? any way to get around these problems?