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Thursday, April 2, 2015


Andrew had been here by the tracks several times since the Great Shift happened. He would sit on the tracks until just before the train got there. He often thought of just staying put, but he had obviously never gone through with it. He just found being someone else depressing and disorienting. It didn’t help that everyone kept telling him how lucky he was, how beautiful his new body was, and things like that. He knew his new body was good-looking, but he never wanted to look good; he had certainly never wanted to be a woman. Yet now he was both of those things. He saw the train coming and slowly stood up to get out of the way, once again. He paused for a minute, telling himself that this might be the time he stayed on the tracks as the train passed. Then he wondered if the whole depression thing was due to the fact that this new body might have a chemical imbalance in the brain. He stepped off the tracks and watched the train pass.

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  1. Hey... I know this is sudden, but can you show me the pictures you used in ths cap series:

    I just find it amazing that you used my name (Steve) and my crush's name (Tiffany) on this cap >:) thank you