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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Working Off the Pounds

Carl couldn’t even begin to describe what had just happened to himself. He was just working out at the gym; he only went about once a week and was starting to get a beer belly despite his minimal efforts. But as he jogged on a machine, the world started spinning. Suddenly, a petite Asian woman came flying toward him at high speed. Instead of bumping, they started to meld together. The body was mostly hers, but he certainly had his own mind. However, the world wasn’t done spinning. Next, a manly bodybuilder flashed by; he too got merged into Carl. Finally, it all stopped. Carl realized the only thing left of his original self was his mind. His body was a clear combination of the two others that had bashed into him. It was all very strange and disoriented, but he tried to look on the bright side -- at least he didn’t have a beer belly anymore!

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