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Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Feelings

Kelly knocked nervously on the door. It had been a week since the Great Shift, and she was going to see her former body for the first time since it happened. She considered herself lucky that an old friend had ended up in her body; the whole body swapping phenomenon would be even weirder if some stranger was running around in her body. Of course, her friend Marvin was a bit of a nerd; she figured he’d dress her body up like a dork. As a result, her jaw dropped when Marvin opened the door. She never would have expected him to dress in such revealing clothes; heck, she never even figured her old body could’ve looked so hot! The outfit was not something she used to own; he must’ve had the courage to go shopping. Then again, judging by his outfit, he had no lack of courage. Kelly soon realized the male body she was now in was starting to have some new feelings of her own.

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