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Saturday, April 25, 2015


Peter didn’t have any words to describe what had happened to him. He had just woken up with a gorgeous woman’s body from the neck down. He took a selfie of himself and sent it to one of his friends, Al, in an attempt to get some help with his situation. However, he quickly got a reply that wasn’t much help at all. Al told Peter that he should just stay at home for the day and feel himself up. A few moments later, Al sent a second text that told Peter if he was having any trouble with that, he could come over and help with it. Peter was quite disturbed. His friends were now hitting on him? Plus, he couldn’t imagine that wouldn’t be weird for Al. After all, sure he had a good body now, but what about the face? How would Al overlook that? Peter stopped himself. Why was he thinking about that at all!? There was no way that was on the table.

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