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Friday, April 3, 2015

Ihla Troca

Steven had just started settling in to relax at the resort when he soon felt a sharp jolt. His vision had an odd shift, and he found himself down by the pool. He wondered if he had blacked out. It had happened at work from time to time; that was one of the reasons he needed this vacation. But then he looked down and discovered blacking out might be the least of his problems. He reached his hands around his body to try to cover up. For some reason, he now had a woman’s body! And one wearing a sexy silver swimsuit. He wondered if he was getting worse. If he had gone from blacking out to straight up hallucination. He rushed back to his room and began to do some research on the free wi-fi. There didn’t seem to be any sort of medical documentation for his condition, but he restarted his browser to see the homepage of the resort, Ihla Troca. He decided to translate the name into English, Exchange Island...searching that and he found all sorts of strange tales that told him he wasn’t having a hallucination! This was real!

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