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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just Desserts

One month. That’s how long Brad and Melinda would be stuck in each other’s bodies while the device recharged. So far, Brad had taken the experience in stride. He wore odd feminine outfits that he’d never dare put on his own body -- like Melinda’s leather dress. He enjoyed being treated to dinner or drinks by anyone looking to hit on him (though it was sure they wouldn’t get very far, as Brad was NOT interested in experiencing THAT aspect of being in Melinda’s body), but he always had to watch what he ate, particularly with dessert. They always looked so tempting and tasted even better, but he limited himself to a single bite each time. Melinda had warned him not to gain a single pound while in her body. If he did so, she wouldn’t switch back with him. And while Brad was certainly enjoying his time as Melinda, he certainly did not want to be her forever!

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