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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Magical Mom

Joe held tightly onto his sister’s hand. He didn’t want to let it show, but he was terrified. Cara was as well. Neither of them had any clue that their mom had magical powers up until a few minutes ago when she swapped the heads of the formerly quarreling siblings. “Mom,” Joe squeaked out nervously, feeling quite awkward with Cara’s body below his neck, “We’re really sorry...”

Their mom didn’t let him finish, “Joey, I have been listening to you and your sister argue for the last twenty years. I hoped both of you growing up and spending some time at college would have changed things, but you two are worse than ever. Don’t expect to be changed back until this family vacation is over; you two need to learn to love and appreciate each other.” Their jaws dropped. They were both in shock and neither could utter another word. They knew arguing with their mom would make it worse.

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