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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ihla Troca (Part 2)

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Over the next few days, Steven began to adjust to his borrowed body. In fact, it was more relaxing than he could’ve ever imagined. It was one thing to take a vacation from work and all your troubles, it was another thing entirely to be literally taking a vacation away from yourself. He felt liberated. Of course, he knew it would all be over soon. He could see himself returning to the city and his job, but it was becoming harder and harder for him to see himself giving up this body! He began plotting ways to keep it. Maybe he could negotiate a settlement with the body’s owner or the resort operators. There had to be a way. Thinking about giving up this body was bringing back his stress. He knew keeping it would be the only way to control that permanently.

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  1. Intertesting story & use of pic. I wonder what haoppens