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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Same on the Inside

“We’ve both been fully aware of our bodies since the Great Shift. You can stop staring at me. I’m still your old buddy, Marcus, on the inside.” Marcus explained to his friend Ted.

“Yeah, I know you’re in Connie’s body now. I’ve gotten used to that, but why did you have to dress so hot?”

“Like I said, I’m fully aware of my new body. I’m hoping to create a little distraction so that I can finally kick your ass at this game. You thought me being in a girl’s body was going to be a disadvantage? No way! I’ve got the edge now.”

Ted sighed, “Yep, you are definitely still the same on the inside, Bro.”

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  1. for some resown the images for most of your old caps don't work.awsome cap btw