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Sunday, April 26, 2015


Roy had spent much of his free time over the past few months looking in magazines. It had all started one day when a version of himself from another dimension gave him a device that allowed him to swap lives with anyone. He had used it to switch with a fashion model from a magazine that his roommate, Sarah, owned. It was weird seeing his own body posing on the pages, but it was even weirder seeing the hot body in the mirror reflecting his actions. He figured it would be fun to spend the day like this and switch back at night. However, he hadn’t paid enough attention to which issue he used before returning it to his roommate’s collection. Finding the single page in all those magazines proved quite difficult. After three long months, he was overjoyed to finally find it. He couldn’t finally go back to being himself. But then he thought about it. Did he really want to? The last few months had actually been pretty good. People smiled at him on the street, he got a promotion at work, and he was actually happy. Why should he go back? Why had he tried so hard? He should embrace this body, embrace this wonderful life.

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