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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Entry Level

Joseph was supposed to be excited; he was supposed to be preparing for his senior year of college next week. Instead, he was stuck in a crammed bus during rush hour, coming home from his sister’s entry level job. It was all thanks to a machine their dad had made, which swapped their bodies. Now he was stuck in the body of his sister, Mary, until their dad could fix the machine. Joseph had been quite miserable each day since the swap, but today had been particularly bad. He sat on the bus home; his sister was sure taking her sweet time to answer. He groaned when she told him that their father still hadn’t fixed the machine. Joseph snapped back that he had better do so before his classes started on Wednesday. Mary was a little more relaxed. She enjoyed the time off from work. All Joseph could do was give her a sour face as she tried to tell him to make the best of the swap.

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