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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Teaching Assistant (Part 2)

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As Jason stood in front of the class in Li’s body, he felt pretty nervous. Sure, he now knew enough to teach the class, but he lost much of his grasp on how to properly communicate that information in English. He began to sweat a little. As a guy, this was when he’d unbutton the top of his shirt and loosen his tie. Li didn’t have a tie on of course, so he just undid a button on her blouse. Suddenly, he noticed many of the students pay a little more attention. In particularly, the male students were now much more attentive. He soon developed a plan. He undid a few more buttons -- just enough to reveal a bit of cleavage. Then, instead of running through the lesson plan, he offered to go through any questions an individual may have. When a person asked, he got really close as he explained. When he approached the first questioner, Jason could hear the guy’s heart beat faster, particularly when he leaned over to look in the student’s book for reference. Jason knew he could probably get away with this for the rest of class, and he hoped he would then swap back with Li --He did glance over to see what seemed like an angry look on the face of his old body. Heck, it may have been unconventional, but he was pretty sure this method was actually way more successful than any attempt Li had made all semester.


  1. ROFLOL! clever story. I espeially like that he now speakshaunting english & can understand Japanese. Also funny is the real girl being resentful that he showing off cleverage,