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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


It was Kevin’s last day on Exchange Island. He had been having such a good time, but he was looking forward to swapping back to his own body again. As he walked on the beach for one last time in his borrowed body, he looked down the shore to see...himself. It had been the first time in two weeks he had even seen his own body. He tried to get a good look, but it was difficult with the sun shining in his eyes; plus, his body was quite a distance away. He watched as his body went off into the water for a swim. Then he noticed something was wrong. His body was going under. Kevin knew he was too far away to help, so he started to scream for someone to save his body. Except this turned out to be a distraction. Instead of anyone going out to help his body, they turned their attention to Kevin screaming his head off. He quickly realized his mistake and started pointing and keeping quiet, but it was too late. His body was gone. He had a good time in this body, but he didn’t want to be stuck in it! And it seemed like there was no way to go back now!

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