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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Chris held the remote gently in his hands. He was actually amazed that it worked. For his first test, he had swapped his own body with a woman he knew named Amanda. He had never actually built up the confidence to talk to her, but he knew who she was. Now he WAS her. But he wasn’t done testing the remote by any means. He developed a smile on his face as he pressed another button, causing his former body to gain 200 pounds -- swapping out twenty pounds each from ten different people around. He swapped his former body’s age with an elderly man. He was nearly breaking out laughing now, seeing his old body overweight and old. It wasn’t until he stepped outside the shop he had been in when he pressed the final button, which made everyone inside aware of the changes he had just made. Many were pleased to be down a little in weight; Amanda was horrified by her new body. All Chris could think of now was how to cause a bit of havoc with this remote elsewhere!

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