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Friday, September 25, 2015


Zeke lived and worked on an isolated farm. He usually only ever interacted with people on the days a driver came to pick up his crops or when he went to market. Usually, he interacted with other men, and the few women he met were often farmers themselves. It was odd when the young woman arrived on his farm. She was merely lost and looking for directions, but Zeke had never seen anyone like her before. For starters, she was so feminine. It seemed like she was from the city as well. Zeke was also pretty sure he had never met anyone who was Chinese before. He was courteous as he gave her directions; she seemed just a little uncomfortable walking through the muddy grass in her heels and seeing old cars and farm equipment around. Zeke tried to put her at ease as a flash hit them both. Neither knew at the time what the Great Shift was, but they were immediately aware of its effects. Zeke found that he was now the one struggling in heels as he stood on muddy grass, seeing his own body sitting on the porch. His biggest concern was how he was going to get anything done with this body. It felt so dainty, like it could break in half simply from working the tractor.

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