Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The body swapping machine hadn’t quite been perfected yet. After Doug and Gwen swapped bodies, they should’ve been able to swap back right away, but a few busted parts prevented that. As a result, they were going to be stuck as each other for at least a week. To keep the machine a secret, they agreed to pretend to be each other for that time. Doug had thought it would be easy, but after being hit on several times at a bar, he felt his masculinity threatened. On top of that, Gwen’s hormones were really messing with him. He needed to do something to confirm who he really was. He looked around and planted a big kiss on the cutest blond he could find. He felt like his masculinity had been reconfirmed, but he had just made a giant whole in the whole “pretending to be Gwen for a week” effort.

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