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Friday, September 11, 2015

Shoe Selection

Vince didn’t think swapping bodies with Emily for a few days was going to be a big deal. Sure, they were stuck until that crazy mad scientist fixed his machine, but he was sure it would only be a few days and he could cope with being in her body. However, there were a few weird things he didn’t expect. When getting out of the shower, his hair was a mess. It took him a while before he got even reasonably manageable. Then there were Emily’s shoes. She had SO many. It took him forever to find something that wasn’t heeled or didn’t pinch his feet. Among the entire wall, he only found one pair of sneakers. He was trying to fathom what she even needed all these shoes for! She could probably wear a different pair each day and still not get through these all in a year. Of course, that was something he hoped he didn’t have to worry about. This should all be fixed in a few days, right?

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