Thursday, September 10, 2015


Sam wasn’t sure how he swapped bodies with his neighbor Carla, but he was hoping whatever happened would reverse itself somehow and do it soon. He just felt so uncomfortable. It wasn’t that he was in Carla’s body, he could deal with being a woman. It was her style that turned him off. He worked nights as a bar when he wasn’t touring with his punk band. Carla worked at an office in PR. It didn’t make sense for either of them to buy an entirely new wardrobe, so he had to just deal with the things she owned. They had each taken a few sick days when they first swapped, but today he actually had to head into her office. She picked out his outfit; he felt even more awkward than when he dug through her clothes himself. He didn’t like getting up early. He bought a big coffee to help him deal with that; as he walked from the coffee shop to the office, he could only get more nervous. She had given him a good rundown, but he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to do her job! He felt a little better thinking how Carla would have to go to his job later. She’d be mixing drinks and up late. He hoped she was having just as much trouble being him as he was being her!

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  1. excellent story & use of pic , nice twist that he has more toruble with her life style than her body.