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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Teaching Assistant (Part 3)

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After class, Jason approached his own body. They stayed silent until everyone else left the room. “What the hell was that?” Li asked from inside Jason’s body.

“I know!” Jason replied, “How did we switch bodies?” Jason saw his own body nearly laugh. “Oh, THAT! I have a bit of magic in me. I heard your thoughts. I figured you could learn a bit of a lesson by seeing how hard it is to be me. It’s tough when you have no support from the professor and he’s supposed to be training you, but instead leaves you to it. So you thought you could better? And then you put on a practical strip show with my body!? We aren’t switching back until you learn how tough it is to be me.”

Jason looked at Li with a bit of a shock. She had done this? How is that even possible? Magic seemed absurd. Still, as she turned to walk away, he grabbed her, trying to look longingly.

“Please switch us back!” He pleaded.

“Not until you learn...”

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