Saturday, April 25, 2015


Peter didn’t have any words to describe what had happened to him. He had just woken up with a gorgeous woman’s body from the neck down. He took a selfie of himself and sent it to one of his friends, Al, in an attempt to get some help with his situation. However, he quickly got a reply that wasn’t much help at all. Al told Peter that he should just stay at home for the day and feel himself up. A few moments later, Al sent a second text that told Peter if he was having any trouble with that, he could come over and help with it. Peter was quite disturbed. His friends were now hitting on him? Plus, he couldn’t imagine that wouldn’t be weird for Al. After all, sure he had a good body now, but what about the face? How would Al overlook that? Peter stopped himself. Why was he thinking about that at all!? There was no way that was on the table.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Basics

Alyssa handed Mike a pair of shoes.

“This is an all-purpose shoe,” She explained, “You can wear it most of the time, but not to anything too fancy nor anything too rustic.”

She handed him another pair.

“This one you probably don’t want to wear out much. The heel tends to be the perfect size to get stuck in things like grates or vents.”

She handed him a third pair.

“Now this one you NEVER should wear outside. It’s inside only for special occasions. You’d need to bring a second pair to wear to and from any sort of event.”

“What good is a pair of shoes if I can’t wear it outside?” Mike groaned.

Alyssa rolled her eyes, “You aren’t going to be able to survive very long in my body if you can’t deal with the basic things of being a woman. You need to learn this stuff! No one is expecting a second Great Shift to swap us all back into our own bodies any time soon!”

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Working Off the Pounds

Carl couldn’t even begin to describe what had just happened to himself. He was just working out at the gym; he only went about once a week and was starting to get a beer belly despite his minimal efforts. But as he jogged on a machine, the world started spinning. Suddenly, a petite Asian woman came flying toward him at high speed. Instead of bumping, they started to meld together. The body was mostly hers, but he certainly had his own mind. However, the world wasn’t done spinning. Next, a manly bodybuilder flashed by; he too got merged into Carl. Finally, it all stopped. Carl realized the only thing left of his original self was his mind. His body was a clear combination of the two others that had bashed into him. It was all very strange and disoriented, but he tried to look on the bright side -- at least he didn’t have a beer belly anymore!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Keith was trying to figure out what had just happened. He had been inside at his cubicle, typing up a spreadsheet when he suddenly found himself outside of the building near a fountain out front. Figuring he’d just head back in, he reached for his corporate ID in the pocket of his trousers only to discover that he wasn’t wearing his own pants. He had on blue leather shorts instead, and those legs definitely did not belong to him! In fact, he soon discovered it wasn’t just his legs; he was in a completely unfamiliar body, and a woman’s body at that! Was it just him that had been swapped into a different body? Maybe it was localized to the area. He knew his company developed some strange things, but could they be developing something that could switch people’s bodies? It seemed very unlikely. But then again, it also seemed quite unlikely that he would ever find himself standing outside in someone else’s body in the first place.