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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bikini (Part 3)

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Richard tried to head downstairs without Amy noticing. Fortunately, she had seemed pretty occupied exploring the finer points of her new body that he may have actually succeeded. He was still a bit shocked after seeing that. He decided to wait for her to come down; he’d only bring it up if she said something first. It was about ten minutes before she finally came down the stairs. He noticed her looking him up and down; he thought she was going to yell at him about the bikini.

She just smiled at him. She grabbed him by the hand and began to lead him upstairs, “What I was doing earlier was fun, but I wouldn’t mind trying this new thing of mine our for real. Judging from what you’re wearing, I’m guessing your curious too?”

Richard was at a loss for words. Was he really going to make love to his own body while he and Amy were swapped?

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