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Sunday, June 12, 2016


At some point in Brad and Ella’s relationship, she got sick of his wandering eye. In fact, she got so tired of it that she paid to have Brad cursed. If he stared at any part of a woman for too long, Brad would swap that part with that woman. Ella knew it had worked when Brad came home one day sporting a large pair of breasts. She found it funny at first, but they both soon learned that Brad could only seem to swap with women -- not with men. Once a part of him was feminized, it stayed that way. Sure, he could swap out one set of breasts for another, but he was always still stuck with breasts. This eventually put a strain in their relationship, especially after one trip to the gym where Brad spent a little too long staring at one particular part of a woman in tight yoga pants -- the part that truly makes a woman a woman.

Now single, Brad was adjusting pretty well to being a woman. He was also finding new ways to use this curse to his advantage. He found he didn’t even need to see a woman in real life for the spell to take effect. He would open fashion magazines and take parts from models on a daily basis. If he got bored with any part of his body, he’d just swap it out with something better, or sometimes just different. Part of him still wished he could go back to being a man, but if he had to be a woman, at least he could be any woman he wanted...