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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Zero to Sixty (Part 2)

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Adam pulled himself out of the car. He was wobbling a bit on the high heels as he stood. Finally, he shrugged with a sort of “what the heck?” expression. He thought about screaming aloud, but he doubted it would do any good. The few other people around seemed just as confused about their bodies as he was, suggesting he wasn’t the only one in this absolutely unreal situation. He also took notice of the car’s color for the first time, the bright girlie pink of it seemed overwhelming tacky. But he looked past that to lean over and find a news station on the radio. Sure enough, there were reports about body swapping. There were also reports about plenty of accidents resulting fro the swaps. Adam began to feel a bit more lucky. Being jolted into a body that was suddenly going down the highway could’ve easily ended in tragedy. Instead, it just ended with him standing here in this body. Being a woman, having shapely curves with large breasts and butt, trying to balance on was all better than being dead! That was for certain!

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