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Monday, June 13, 2016

Extended Stay

Mistakes didn’t happen very often at Exchange Island’s resort, but when they did, those who suffered the consequences were greatly compensated for the inconvenience. When Vince first landed with his wife Layla, he didn’t notice the mistake at first. He looked down to see a very familiar body -- his wife’s. He didn’t think swapping with his wife would make for the most exotic swap, but he shrugged. Then he saw his wife. He had his body, but she still had her own head. He quickly rushed to a mirror himself. Sure enough, he might have had her body, but he still had his own head as well. The staff knew something went wrong, and immediately began to offer the couple ways to compensate. Their entire stay would be refunded, and become all expenses paid. Plus, they could extend their stay for as long as they wanted. Vince and Layla couldn’t be too upset. This seemed like a very good deal. In fact, on their now extended stay a year later, they were as happy as could be and didn’t plan on ending this vacation any time soon.

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