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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Two Steps

“Holy crap! How do you walk in these things?” Michael screamed as he started to topple over after taking a mere two steps. Luckily, Vivian was there to catch him.

“I’ve had ten or so years of experience,” Vivian replied, “You’ve been wearing heels now for what? Ten minutes or so? And this is your first time standing in them. You’ll just have to get used to it.”

“Can’t we just use the machine to switch back now?”

“And fry both of our brains and become vegetables? No thanks! Our brains need time to settle, otherwise they won’t make it through the process again and we’ll be left braindead.”

“Look, I’m glad the test was successful, and that your machine was actually able to swap bodies. But how long are you saying I’m going to be trapped in your body?”

“If we wait until tomorrow, the chances of our brains making it is fifty-fifty. If we wait a week, there’ll be less than a one percent chance of anything going wrong.”

“So you’re saying I’m stuck in short skirts and heels for a week?”

“I know you don’t like my fashion choices -- ”

“No, I love your fashion choices, just not when I’m the one who has to weat them. I guess I’ll cope, but you got to switch us back the second you think it’s safe, okay?”


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  1. excellent story & use ofpic. Iwonderif thye swap back. LOL!