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Friday, June 17, 2016


It was unusual for anyone to watch the team during drills, but Kevin was there in the stands. He was there at every game and every practice. He needed to keep an eye on his body, to make sure sure Ashley was doing everything right. No one on the team knew about the body swap between the two of them; he was there to make sure she did everything exactly as he had told her to do. He didn’t want her screwing up and risking his scholarships. Of course, Ashley was worried too. Her break from classes would be over soon. If her idiot brother Kevin was still stuck in her body at that time, she’d be worried as well. Her scholarship was dependent on her grades. If he couldn’t keep them up, she’d be in trouble. She just hoped they’d find a way to swap back before than; Kevin hoped so too as he watched her fumble a play during practice.

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