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Friday, June 10, 2016


Louis didn’t want to admit to his friends that his family couldn’t afford to send him on the senior class trip. He needed to raise some cash for himself fast. A car wash was the quickest and easiest way he could think of, but he knew he needed a gimmick. That Saturday morning, he got all set up, then pulled a box out of the back of his closet with a cheap-looking piece of jewelry in it. Then he went into his sister’s room and plucked out the bikini she had left behind after she went off to college. He placed the necklace on, then touched the bikini to it. Within minutes, he had changed to an exact copy of his sister, then he stripped down and put on the bikini. As he washed cars, he felt like he was exploiting his sister a little bit, but she hadn’t come back once since leaving for college; he was sure she’s never find out. Plus, he already had raised a stack of cash, and there was a line of cars down the block.

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