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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Transformation Suit

Roger sat on the bank of the river not far from his lab. He couldn’t believe the test worked, and he thought about the incredible weight of his new invention. With it, he could impersonate celebrities or world leaders. He could cause chaos or create world peace. What he had created was a simple suit that allowed the user to transform themselves into any form. He had used it to turn himself into a blonde woman several times now. But the latest test was different. With the latest test, he was able to take off the bulky suit and yet maintain the transformed form. The transformation suit was sitting back in his lab while he sat here in a skintight leather outfit that he had changed into afterward. Essentially speaking, without the suit on the body, there was no evidence who he really was and no way to get back without putting the suit on again. He pondered what he could do with this a bit more, then took some time to just enjoy his accomplishment.

1 comment:

  1. intertesting story & excellent pic. I wonderif someone else will find the suit?