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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Antonio had never been too concerned with his physical prowess, but he always thought he could take someone down if they messed with him. When walking home alone one night, he was proven wrong. The guy attacked him from behind; Antonio went down almost instantly. He struggled to get back on his feet, but there was little he could do as he was dragged into an alley and tied up.

Antonio hoped the guy was only going to take his wallet, but the odd attacker had something very unexpected up his sleeve. He stabbed Antonio with a strange needle that seemed to be glowing. There were no words for the pain, but it did feel like he was being drained. His vision slowly faded and he passed out.

It only felt like a few seconds before his vision returned. He was now strapped down in a white room with bright lights, as a different person removed a glowing needle from his body. The realization came slowly. The needle had, in fact, swapped his body with someone else. He was in a new place, and he was a new person -- a woman, to be exact. He was probably have a foot shorter now, and at least 70 pounds lighter. He didn’t want to seem sexist, but being a woman made him feel weak.

But he told himself he would never be weak. He hit up the gym, took self-defense courses, and trained this body. It may have been smaller, but he was determined to make it tougher...

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