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Friday, June 24, 2016


Josh couldn’t believe he’d be heading back to the office today. He thought they’d have figured out how to reverse the effects of the Great Shift before having to go back, but it was becoming apparent that no one was going to be able to undo any of this. That meant he was going to be stuck in this woman’s body. He had no idea how to handle life as a woman; luckily, he had his wife. She gave him plenty of advice, especially about what to wear for his first day back. He felt a little weird about it. Heels? A bare midriff? She assured him he looked professional, feminine, and fantastic. Josh managed a slight grin, though that middle one made him uncomfortable. Feminine? He guessed he was now, but he didn’t like to think about it. This outfit didn’t help. It felt almost too feminine for him. And he wasn’t sure about how professional it was either, but he realized he had no idea! Women’s fashion really wasn’t his thing!

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