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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Too Big

“Come on, Mike, you KNOW my mom’s boobs aren’t that big.” Travis protested.

“Oh, come on, they are like half the size I made them last time.” Mike responded, “And I don’t know how much charge that weird device has in it. I don’t want to use it to alter this body yet again just because you aren’t 100% happy with it. If it runs out of power, do you think I want to be stuck in a copy of your mom’s body?”

“Yeah, but no one at the school is going to believe you.”

“Why not? I sound like her. I look like her...well, mostly, except for the boobs, of course...and thanks to that weird device, technically I am indistinguishable from her genetically. They aren’t going to know any better. I just go to this parent-teacher thing, tell them I’m going to discipline you, then we come back home and switch me back to my own body. Not that I won’t enjoy my time with your mom’s body.” Mike gave a smile.

Travis rolled his eyes, “Stop being weird, and let’s just get this over with.”

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