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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Engaged (Part 1)

Amber came from a family of warlocks and witches. It was a tradition in her family for a couple to use a magic spell to switch bodies for a week between their engagement and wedding. When she explained this to her fiancee Malcolm, he almost didn’t believe her, but he had seen enough after dating a woman who dabbled in magic to not doubt her.

The swap was to ensure capatability and it often also helped with understanding, but Amber didn’t care too much about those. She knew she loved Malcolm. She told him that while he was in her body, he could mostly do anything he wanted. She’d take a vacation from her job; it would be easy. She did have a single condition, however. He would still have to go to the gym in order to make sure her body stayed in good shape. Malcolm didn’t object. After all, he wanted to have Amber’s body stay fit just as much as she did!

However, hitting the gym proved a bit more difficult than Malcolm had anticipated. Using many of the workout machines proved quite uncomfortable with the large breasts now hanging from his chest. He had never thought about how they might get in th way before, but now that they were attached to him, he was having trouble doing anything without them getting in the way!

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  1. I'd be less concerned about dealing with new equipment than new attentions . . .