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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Long Walks (Part 2)

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Kris turned around to look at Tara. He placed his hand on his hips, taking a feminine stance without even realizing it.

“Are you going to squat down and go or what?” Tara abruptly asked him.

“What?” Was all Kris could seem to mutter out.

“I can’t just wait around here all day for you to pee, Kristen.”

“Kristen? But I’m your boyfriend.” “We should probably get back. You must have gotten too much sun. We come out here all the time to go on these walks to COMPLAIN about our boyfriends, remember? And while I know yours loves it when you wear heels. I still question your choice of footwear for our walk.”

Kris looked down to the heels on his feet. Walking back was NOT going to be fun, and on top of that, he apparently had a boyfriend as well! And there was no explanation as to why he was now a woman either!

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