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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Invitation (Part 1)

When the alien ship first landed not far from the Pentagon, there was a lot of worry and fear running through the country. It hovered for weeks with seemingly no way to get inside until it finally transmitted an invitation.

General David Winslow was honored to be selected as a member of the military brass who would be meeting with the aliens. His ability to keep a cool head along with his openness and curiosity when the ship first landed lead to his selection. He was set to board the alien ship with other members of the military and a few politicians.

Seeing the ship open was awe inspiring, and seeing the technology inside was even more jaw dropping. The warm welcome didn’t last, however. In a matter of minutes, the humans were amushed. General Winslow tried to fight back, but he was quickly sedated.

He would phase in and out of consciousness, getting glimpses of what the aliens were up to, seeing a device that seemingly swapped the brains of two people.

It wasn’t until he became fully aware again sometime later that he wasn’t just a witness to those experiments, he was a participant! The aliens had swapped him into the body of a young Asian woman! He couldn’t imagine why! He tried to think back to when he caught glimpses of what was going on in the ship. Maybe he could remember something.

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