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Friday, March 16, 2018


Jerry sulked as he walked through the parking lot of the science building at the university. He couldn’t believe how he had gotten himself in this situation. His freshman year started off very promising with a full athletic scholarship, but low grades over the course of several semesters ended up putting him on academic probation. By junior year, they had fallen low enough to put his scholarship in jeopardy. The last thing he wanted was to be kicked out of school, so he signed up for some extra credit at the science department.

That’s where he met Emily. She was a quiet girl in the graduate program, who often wore all black, had glasses, and also extremely smart. She had gotten permission to give extra credit to someone for helping her test an invention she had created. When she explained she had made a machine that could swap bodies, Jerry was very apprehensive, but he knew he needed the extra credit.

And so that’s how he ended up swapping bodies with Emily. He begged to switch back right away, but Emily explained it would be dangerous to do so; the brains needed time to settle. They could swap back again after a week. Jerry didn’t like the idea of missing a week of practice, but knew that would be better than getting kicked out completely.

And now after a week as Emily, he stood outside texting her, asking to be let into the science building so that they could finally swap back to normal.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! good story. I wonder if she went to practice as him & if he getgs his body back? More PLS