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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Winter Market (Part 3)

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John paused on his heels. It was here; it had to be. If he couldn’t find it; he’d never get his body back. But the details of the stand were starting to fade in his mind. The old man with a white beard soon became a white lur in his head, but then he couldn’t remember what the person working the stand looked like at all -- or even if anyone was there working. The name of the stand, Spellsarous, soon shortened in his head to Spells-R-Us before becoming just Spells, and then nothing at all.

But it started getting worse. John noticed he was no longer feeling upset about his ex-girlfriend, but he also realized he couldn’t even think of her name. Other details of his life seemed to be fading as well, but they were soon replaced by others. The last thing he could remember about his old life was his name, John, but that didn’t seem right. She was Joanna...

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