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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Invitation (Part 2)

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David tried to think back to being aboard the ship. Had he seen anything that gave him clues about why they did this? Had he overheard anything?

Sure enough, he began to put some pieces together. The aliens had seemed to be a male-dominated species to an extreme. The only female aliens he had seen were quite subservient. The thought sent chills up the general’s spine. If they thought humans treated females of the species in the same way, it was possible the aliens swapped David and the other men into women’s bodies for some sort of strategic advantage. Of course, that would also mean they would need such an advantage for some reason. Were they planning an invasion?

He remembered hearing one of the women scream about being abducted. Why abduct them? It seemed like an extra step. Why didn’t the aliens just swap with David and the others themselves? If they had body swapping technology, this would seem like a far superior way to achieve a goal of conquest. Then again, maybe it didn’t work cross-species. Or maybe the aliens just didn’t trust the humans with their alien bodies for some reason.

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