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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Long Walks (Part 1)

It wasn’t uncommon for Kris and his girlfriend Tara to go on long walks that often lasted a few hours. It was on one of these walks when they stumbled upon an odd structure in the middle of nowhere. With no roads nearby, they both wondered how it got there. Kris shrugged, but he saw a few steps and a small bush and decided it wasn’t a bad time to empty his bladder. He excused himself, walked up the steps, and used the bush for privacy.

But when he reached down to his fly, he couldn’t help but notice how much tighter his hands seemed. In fact, they were so tight that it quickly became apparent something was missing! Something extremely important! His manhood! He started running his hands up the rest of his body -- he had been transformed into a woman somehow!

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