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Friday, March 9, 2018

Hotel (Part 2)

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Kevin held his breath as he listened carefully for a door to open, then close, and finally lock. The man in the room, presumably this body’s husband, had left. He was finally able to have a moment to take this all in.

He knew that he was in the body of a stranger, a woman! The bathroom looked identical to his own, so he guessed he was in the same hotel. Had he swapped bodies with this woman? If he knocked on the door to his own room, could he explain this? Then again, what if his body still thought of himself as himself...or if the woman decided to pretend to be him. He’d seem like a crazy person.

He didn’t want to stick around here too long. If he wasn’t down in the lobby soon, the man would probably come back. That also meant if he decided to leave the hotel, he shouldn’t go through the lobby.

He figured he should at least grab this woman’s purse. If possible, he thought about taking a small bag with a change of clothes; this dress was very revealing, but he certainly didn’t have time to change!

He wasn’t sure if any of this was even a good idea. He just hoped whatever happened would reverse itself very soon!

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