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Friday, March 2, 2018

Winter Market (Part 1)

With just a little bit of time before the holidays, John was feeling a little depressed. His girlfriend had recently dumped him, and he had no one. He thought buying her a gift might convince her to come back, and he headed to an outdoor holiday market to find something.

He eventually spied a few rings at one of the booths. He picked it up and looked at it. For a moment, he thought it would be perfect. Then his heart sank. He knew she wasn’t coming back. He’d need a fresh start. The only way he’d ever have a chance was to be a completely different person. And just for a second, he wished he was.

He felt strange and suddenly realized he was no longer at the market. It would seem his passing wish had actually come true, and he was now, in fact, a completely different person! Even odder, the person he now was happened to be a woman! It had to be that ring! He needed to get back to that stand and wish for his own body back!

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