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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


After taking a ride in the cursed magic cab, Javier had his body stolen by the current driver of the taxi. After reading the journal, he knew that he too would have to steal someone else’s body. He felt rather bad about that and soon adopted a very different strategy from past drivers. He found the most eccentric people he could find and decided to be flat out honest with them.

Most didn’t believe him, a few practically jumped out as he told his story, but one rider finally seemed integed. Javier had picked up the woman wearing a puffy pink coat and gold pants and explained his story. Her jaw dropped when she finished.

“You mean that’s not your body? That you had your body stolen? And this cab can do that?” She asked.

“Uh-huh,” Replied Javier.

“So if you were to take my body, I could go on and do the same? I could get any body I wanted?”


“Let’s do it! This will be fun.” And so Javier pulled over, told the woman to “Have a nice day,” and he soon found himself in her body, giving a $50 to the driver’s body, and walking away...

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