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Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Ryan had always been jealous of Bryant. The two had gone to school together, and Ryan was poor and a hard worker while Bryant was born rich and coasted through life. Long after graduation, Ryan continued to work hard, creating many inventions with little financial success. Meanwhile, Bryant simply inherited his family’s vast fortunes.

Ryan could never let that unfairness go. When he developed a body swapper, Ryan decided he now had a way to finally make things even, but he needed to be able to get closer to Bryant in order to swap bodies, and the two hadn’t talked in years.

And so Ryan called up Nadia, a former classmate that both he and Bryant still both talked to. He felt a little bad about stealing her body to use it as an intermediate, but he had little choice. After calling her over and taking her body, he called up Bryant to schedule a get together.

Bryant agreed to meet a few hours later at the marina. Ryan put on a tight purple dress and went over with a big smile on his face. He couldn’t wait to not only swap bodies with Bryant, but leave Bryant stuck in Nadia’s body for a while.

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