Saturday, December 15, 2018

Let Me Explain

Miranda was horrified when she looked down at her own hands to see them old and wrinkled. Then she looked over to the bar at the bistro where she had been eating to see her own body smiling.

“Come over here and sit,” Her body said, “Let me explain.”

Miranda moved slowly in the old body she now inhabited. When she sat down, it was obvious to her that her new body was not only old, but it was also a man’s body. She sat silently as her body explained.

“I know it’s pretty shocking to find yourself in the body of an old man. I mean, I was shocked when it happened to me. I suppose it’s worse for you, considering you were a woman before. I didn’t want to be a woman; it’s just the way it turned out. The body you have now has an odd curse on it. It has the ability to swap bodies with other people. Not just anyone, mind you; it can only swap with certain people. You’ll just have to keep trying until you find someone, which I finally did when I found you. But obviously you can tel from the age of that body, you better act fast. I had a heart attack when trying to find someone, and the hospital told me it wasn’t that body’s first one either! I can’t fully explain how to swap with someone but you’ll just feel it. You’ll just know! Now, if you’l excuse me, I believe you have some work to do while I enjoy my new life as you.”

Friday, December 14, 2018


As the weeks passed since Luke was first swapped into the body of the magic taxi’s driver, he was really warming up to the idea of being in someone else’s body. And he decided to be as different as possible by stealing the body of a woman. However, shortly after acting on that decision, he quickly regretted it. Luke stood on the curb feeling awkward in his new body as the taxi drove away with the woman whose body he stole now inside the cabbie’s body. He looked down still baffled about why he chose to take a woman’s body.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Making a Plan to Cause Chaos

After receiving an odd package in the mail, Bret was certainly skeptical over the instructions inside that claimed the device within was a “body swapper.” He was pretty sure this had to be a prank, yet he was still curious. After a few days he finally brought the thing to a coffee shop where he aimed it at someone and hit the button. Sure enough, he was transformed into the barista behind the counter while she became him. He pressed several more times, swapping just about everyone in the place. When he finally stopped, he was in the body of an Asian woman who had been sitting just to the left of him. As he observed the scene he realized no one seemed to even notice. The barista with his body continued to serve coffee. The businessman with the barista’s body was screaming into his cell phone (although now with a much higher pitched voice) with no concern that he was wearing a uniform for a coffee shop instead of his suit. He wondered if he could make people realize the swaps, then he could really cause some chaos...

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


School was just letting out that day when the Great Shift struck. Most of the students at the local high school swapped amongst themselves, but Anthony was surprised to suddenly be behind the wheel of a car. He managed to pull over safely, get out, and make his way back to school. He was still in shock from the experience and didn’t notice his new body until he was just outside the door. That’s when it all started to sink in. It didn’t bother him that he was female, but he was bothered that he was much older now. He had been 18 just moments ago, and now he guessed he was probably in his early 30s. He could only assume he swapped with some mom on her way to the nearby daycare. He was now over a decade older than most of his friends. This sucked!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

New Job

On the first day of his new job, Ryan had to sit through the company’s orientation. There was the typical stuff like picking health plans and 401Ks, and then there was the sensitivity training and sexual harassment portions. Apparently as part of the training all new employees were required to use a body swapper to randomly swap with a volunteering existing employee for two weeks. Ryan didn’t think much of it until the swap actually took place when he found himself in the body of a woman. It felt much more uncomfortable than he expected. He felt like he could fall over in the heels at any moment or that one wrong move could cause a wardrobe malfunction. He sure hoped this sort of experience did teach people at the company a lesson, otherwise he was sure he’d be in for a terrible two weeks of co-workers hitting on him.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Let Down

As Thomas entered the room, William turned toward him with an expression that seemed prepared for a let down. William paused before he spoke, “You better have found a way to fix this whole body swap thing. Your machine caused me to start randomly switching with people a month ago. I was switching with people every few hours, and you and I seem to be the only ones who actually realize it. And then I got stuck in this woman’s body for days for some reason. And now she’s about to get married. I am NOT going to be this guy’s wife.”

Thomas paused, “I’m afraid I have some bad news then. I managed to use my machine to remotely stabilize your swapping, but that means the body you’re in now is yours. You’re going to be stuck like that.”

William went from let down to angry. He was about to unload but was interrupted to be called down to the ceremony.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Insider Trading (Part 3)

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Owen watched as they escorted his body out the door. He was sure he saw a scowl on his former face as it was taken out. They took all the computers. Now at an empty desk, Owen put up his feet and watched as file after file was taken away. It was all quite amusing. All his trickery and fraud were found out, but he wasn’t going to suffer for any of it. He had paid his secretary well, so he was sure he would be fine for the time being. And he could pick up right where he left off with schemes and magic to help him climb the ladder again. And he would certainly consider very carefully who he hired as his secretary next time now that he knew how the protection spell worked, not that he felt like things worked out badly this time at all. Before starting on his plan, maybe he’d just take a few days off for himself first so he could enjoy this new body...