Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Orbs

On Friday mornings, Andrew usually arrived early to the office. The only one who regularly got their there first was Maria, the receptionist. An odd silver orb sat in the front desk; Andrew asked Maria about it. She shrugged, telling him she didn’t know where it came from or why it was there, but there was another one out back by the printer. Andrew touched it and felt a calming sense of contentment. He was excited to explain it to Maria, but he couldn’t quite find the words. He suggested she try it for herself. She walked back to the printer and placed her hand on the orb, feeling the same calm contentment.

Andrew looked at her and decided to try it again, but as he placed his hand on one orb while Maria had hers on the other, they both felt a zap. The calm contentment became a sense of overwhelming happiness. Andrew knew he was smiling but also found it hard to focus on much else. He didn’t want to, but he eventually pulled his hand away from the orb. But instead of standing by the front desk, he realized he was now out back by the printer. And his hand was now thinner and more delicate. His mind took a minute to catch up the realization that when he and Maria touched the orbs at the same time, they had ended up swapping bodies! He was now in Maria’s body, and she must be in his! He looked back up to the front desk, and sure enough his body was standing there with a look of confusion...

Friday, May 15, 2020

Best Job Ever

The job didn’t pay much, but Rufus happily enjoyed the perks. He had signed up on a website to take care of houseplants and pets at homes while people were away, but the fact that he had the Medallion of Zulu made going to these places much more interesting. For about a year, he was almost exclusively picked any males in the homes he helped tend. However, he eventually came upon a home where only a sole woman lived, and he decided to take the plunge on the other side of the gender fence. It was at that point, he decided to always pick women if possible. It was amazing what he’d find in the house after transforming himself. Sometimes they’d look like mousy librarian types in photos -- or be a mother of four -- and then in the back of the closet, he’d find all sorts of leather stuff. He certainly never complained. It was too much fun; this was literally the best job ever.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Worth the Money

It had been two long years since Arthur’s vacation to Exchange Island, a vacation that was cut short due to an emergency. As a result of the evacuation, all the guests visiting ended up trapped inside the bodies they had been swapped with at the resort. Communication from the tour company went dead soon after. It didn’t take Arthur long to get on his yacht and go looking for the island. He spent a small chunk of his fortune dedicated to the search. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy his current body -- heck, lounging about on the deck of his yacht with a drink wearing a bikini was a blast -- but he still wanted his body back simply because it was HIS. It was worth the money.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Don't Be Surprised

“I bet the last thing you expected was to come from from work to find your girlfriend pointing a gun at your head. But you really shouldn’t be all that surprised, should you, Mark? Or should I say Ivan?

”Yeah, that’s right. We know all about your body swapping tech. In fact, we’ve already taken it. How do you think I’m in your girlfriend’s body right now? Did you think we wouldn’t figure everything out based on what you left behind? No one screws us over, Ivan! No one screws ME over! I own you and all you create. There is no escape!”

Ivan had used his body swapping technology some time ago to escape from the Russian mob, and now his former boss, Vlad, was in his new girlfriend’s body and threatening to shoot him in the head. But he also realized Vlad made a critical mistake. Despite the gun, Emily’s body was no match for him. Ivan could easily overpower Vlad the wrestled the gun away. He might hurt Emily’s body, but it seemed like the best option at this point. He didn’t even know if Emily’s brain was still alive. He needed answers, and Vlad was the only person that could give them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Brett had started college with the preconceived notion that the liberals and PC police had already hijacked most of higher education, but he never expected anything as extreme as what he experienced in his first week. It started with meeting this chick who was an intense feminist. He figured he could just ignore her, but he groaned after finding out she was in his writing class.

But it soon got so much worse. Two days into class, the teacher gave his first assignment. He was going to pair people up, and of course he was partnered with this ultra feminist chick. Then this teacher brought out a device that literally swapped the bodies of each pair. Now Brett not only had to deal with this chick -- he was that chick!

The first half of the assignment as easy for Brett -- write about how things were different from this different perspective, which for Brett meant complaining about it. The second part was much harder -- identify five positive things about your partner while in their body. This Brett struggled with. He couldn’t even come up with one! He loathed being in her body, yet he was going to be stuck until could complete the assignment. He spent hours coming up with nothing. He lounged in the dorms, he paced around campus, he stood at counters. He still had nothing. Eventually, he was able to come up with a sentence.

He wrote, “I guess I’m a little bit hot.” He felt weird even thinking about that. There was nothing hot about this chick. He was annoying and opinionated...except without her mind in this body, those qualities ween’t really there. He added a second sentence, “I think about how much better this body is with my brain in it instead.”


With businesses and offices starting to open back up again after The Great Shift, Justin thought about how things had been for him in the past few weeks since he found himself in a woman’s body. When he shifted, he luckily wasn’t far from his own home, so he made it back and just sort of stayed put. He had quite a bit of canned food, thought he also ordered delivery. For clothes, he sort of had to piece outfits together from things old girlfriends had left behind -- he actually had a considerable stash that he had never bothered to throw away. It was probably good that it was mostly things like workout pants, t-shirts, bras, panties, and even a pair of sneakers. Some things fit better than others, but it was still all mostly fine and reasonably comfortable. He had no idea what his actual size was, so he was hesitant to order clothes off the internet, and no stores had really reopened yet. That was tomorrow, when people like him would be back at work. People would see him and his new body for the first time. It was a little bit scary, but he was ready, wasn’t he?

Monday, May 11, 2020


Sam waited as the trains arrived in the station. He was waiting to see his wife one last time. He knew she wouldn’t recognize him. She’d never even know anything was really amiss. While she was away on a business trip, he underwent a secret procedure. His thoughts were removed from his head and placed inside a new body, a woman’s body. His former body would continue on, without realizing anything had even happened, but with the desire to be a woman removed from his now former body’s head. Meanwhile, Sam would get to continue in his new life, in a body he was able to design himself. He was the woman he always dreamed of. He didn’t feel gay, just sort of wrong, but he didn’t want to hurt his wife. He knew she would never accept this. It’s why he had to do it in this way, in secret. Part of the agreement was that he was never supposed to contact her. He considered this a loophole. He wasn’t going to “contact” her, but merely be in a place where he knew she would be. Just so he could see her one last time, to think a fond goodbye as she walked away.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Wedding Guest (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
With all the chaos the night of the wedding, Jason didn’t get the name of the woman he swapped with. He quietly went back to the hotel he was staying at. He slept in the cocktail dress, which was uncomfortable and kept him up. But the real problem happened the next morning. He tried to change into some of his male clothing, but couldn’t get the pants over his butt, his large breasts made it impossible to button his shirts. He reluctant continued to wear the cocktail dress and called his sister. She was distraught and didn’t want to talk, so he spoke to her new husband (who had swapped with the maid of honor). He connected Jason with his friend and his date. Her name was Lucia, and she seemed nice enough when she agreed to bring over some clothes. Unfortunately, everything about her style flaunted her sexuality. She mostly wore dresses with plunging neck lines. The only pair of pants she had were leather ones. The only shoes she had were heels. Jason felt her outfits were only moderately better than the cocktail dress, but at least they were clean. But after twenty four hours or so, the strangest thing began to happen -- Jason started to feel comfortable like this. This body stopped feeling strange and began to feel more natural. He wondered if others affected by the Shift were starting to feel the same way.