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Saturday, September 2, 2023

Eventually (Part 4)

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Preston came back after spring break with a new confidence and better attitude. Victoria began to notice that he was going out to places besides class. And when on the rare instance when he was home, he’d often be wearing revealing clothing. And once she realized the bad news she had to give him, she wondered if maybe he wouldn’t consider it so bad any more.

For a week solid, Preston had been coming home after Victoria went to bef and leaving before she woke up. In fact, when she was finally able to catch him, he was coming home from a night out at about 8AM. He was wearing a low cut pink top and a short leather skirt.

She nervously broke the news that there was no way for her to reverse the swap. Something happened where their minds had gotten set and stuck in each other’s bodies.

Preston put his hand on his hip. “It’s okay,” He said, “I’ve gotten used to this. I’m not even sure I’d WANT to go back anymore even if we could.”

Victoria breathed a sigh of relief. She had felt so bad about everything, but she was pleased Preston was now finally happy in her body.

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