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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Expose (Part 4)

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Amy and the janitor returned that night, and Dr. Baxter let them in through a back door. Amy noticed the janitor had changed her clothes and couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable that he had done so. They went down to the basement, and Dr. Baxter prepped the machine once again. Amy was getting used to the flashing light by this point.

Once again, she was sure she was not in her own body. She was in a warm bed with what felt like a thick furry blanket on her. Everything looked quite large. Then her heart sank as she realized what body she was in; she was the dog from yesterday.

She jumped up and tried to rush back down to the elevator. Running on all four was difficult to adapt to, and she was much smaller than she was used to. Without any thumbs or fingers, she was unable to properly press the buttons. She looked for stairs.

Instead, she found herself in the main server room. It seemed her own body had apparently gotten up here somehow. It was walking around on all fours and panting. She could only guess that just as her brain was inside the dog’s body, the dog’s brain must be inside of hers!

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