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Monday, September 25, 2023

Hide Away (Part 1)

After the accident at the office, a decison was made to send everyone home. Of course, few people wanted to go home due to the fact that the accident had swapped their bodies with someone else in the office. Most went off in pairs to discuss their plans with the person they had swapped with. Jason and Laura found themselves in a nearby park. Jason sent down on a bench as Laura paced.

“They said they should have it fixed in two weeks,” Jason mused, “I think I can handle being in your body for two weeks. Should we keep it secret? Not tell the people we know?”

Laura sighed, “I don’t think you can handle my body for two minutes! And you wouldn’t be able to fool anyone! I mean, even the way you just sat down! I’m certainly glad I wasn’t wearing a skirt or dress today! Even just seeing the way you move and walk in my one’s going to believe you’re even a woman, let alone me!”

“I’m supposed to sit and move in a certain way? Like how? I didn’t notice anything odd in the way you’re moving my body.”

“Because I’m making an effort to move like a guy! And I think you don’t even notice the differences! But women have to put a lot of thought in the ways we move and act. Maybe you just hide away in my apartment for the next two weeks!”

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