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Sunday, September 24, 2023

The Real Location

It didn’t make any sense, but the room was empty! Only two weeks ago, Craig had been in this room, and it was filled wall-to-wall with some of the most advanced tech he had ever seen. That tech was so advanced that it was able to rip his brain ou of this original body and dump it into this woman!

It had taken him time to track down the location in order to get back here, but not so long that they’d be able to move all of that equipment without a trace. He was sure this was the place. He remembered the landscaping on the outside, the number on the building, even the inside looked right except for the missing equipment.

But as he stood there, it dawned on him. If they had been able to palce his mind into a different body, perhaps they were capable of even more. As they transfered his mind, could they have altered some memories about where they had brought him? He remembered many the details of being brought here, but could he remembered the things he saw when he was escorted out with this body? Perhaps there were some other clues that would help him figure out the real location of the facility in the hopes that he might actually be able to get his original body back...

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